Sea Angling in Iceland

Is it big - or is it BIG

Sea Angling in Iceland

Exciting destinations for the big fish angler!

Welcome to the fjords of Iceland, where we offer unique opportunities for a rewarding and accessible deep sea angling.

Our concept is based on a comprehensive solution with smooth transportation, comfortable accommodations and exciting fishing activities - you choose the destination and time, we arrange what you need for an experience beyond the ordinary!

The west part of  Iceland is one of the last wildernesses in civilized Europe. The small villages of the coast have a great coastal fishing with incredible amounts of cod, haddock and catfish. There are also good opportunities to catch saithe, halibut and flatfish. Check the Gallery for pictures.

We use large and secure boats that allow you to go out a bit from the coast.

In addition to fishing, the nature in the northern part of Iceland offers experiences that are difficult to obtain in other places on earth. You will see lots of whales, and with luck even the ocean giant - the great blue whale measuring up to 40 meters in length! Seabirds of various species will be around your boat and you will be able to see e.g. atlantic puffin and nordic storm bird.

Treat yourself with an unforgettable fishing trip to "the end of the world" and an adventure that you have never experienced before!